The The 8th National Conference on Science and Technology (CNCT) and the 3rd Fair of Ideas, Inventions, Innovation, and Technological-Based Entrepreneurship (FIEBaT) are scientific and technological innovation events promoted by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation (MESCTI) with the aim of pursuing the objectives of the National Policy on Science, Technology, and Innovation.

A 8ª Conferência Nacional sobre Ciência e Tecnologia e a 3ª Feira de Ideias, Invenções, Inovação e Empreendedorismo de Base Tecnológica realizam-se em Luanda, nos dias 30 de Novembro e 1 de Dezembro de 2023, no The National Archives of Angola, sob o lema Empreendedorismo Tecnológico Centrado na Inovação Inclusiva, Resiliente e Sustentável. The event will be conducted in a hybrid format (in-person and virtual)

CNCT and FIEBaT are organized biennial events with the goal of presenting and discussing the outcomes of scientific research projects, as well as promoting and awarding innovative products, services, and processes with economic and social potential for sustainable development that have originated in Angola.